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Frequently asked Questions (actors)

Tell me about Artemis Agency: 

The agency was established in 2007. We represent a niche pool of creative talent aged 4 to adult, and we pursue opportunities for Theatre/Film/TV projects all year round. We have experience negotiating contracts, obtaining child licenses and maintaining the relevant protection certifications. The agents have experience in all three disciplines, with key growth plans in place for 2019 and beyond. 


What do the agents look for in a client? 

The clients that we work with all have varying skills and backgrounds, but ultimately we choose to work with engaging, professional and honest individuals who have real aspirations to work in the industry and build a positive working relationship with us. In return we network with casting directors and producers who we believe demonstrate the same qualities. 


What is Spotlight and why should I register? 

The Spotlight website is used by casting directors all over the world to send out breakdowns for roles they are casting, and this is one of our main sources for submitting our clients to potential theatre/film/TV work. If you are not a member it limits our capability to apply for work on your behalf. Young performers cannot join Spotlight without agent representation. spotlight charge and annual fee - which is payable directly to them. 


What details do you need to know about me? 

We will require the following: 

  • An updated performing CV including skills and qualifications

  • A current show-reel (if you do not have sufficient professional filmed material, a showreel will be created annually by us) 

  • Professional headshots (we can direct you to our preferred supplier) 

  • At least 3 months’ visibility of your availability for work and auditions (are you on holiday/committed elsewhere etc) 

Please note it is your responsibility to notify Artemis Agency when there are developments in any of these items. 


What happens when I get an audition? 

We are constantly monitoring and networking on behalf of our clients, so we will do our best to give as much notice and preparation and advice as we can if you are called for an audition. Please note sometimes this is very last minute so we need to be able to contact you quickly, either by phone or email. You must be able to get to central London with less than 24 hours notice.


How often will I audition?

It varies hugely depending on your skills and age. Typically, someone 9-11 who is a strong triple threat can expect regular musical theatre auditions and possible work. Teenagers aged 16-19 can also expect a good level of auditions for film and TV if they look younger than their real age. Teens aged 13-15 are the hardest to find work for, as the trend is for booking a young looking older teen. All our clients are submit for projects on a daily basis. We wont call first, and it is likely if you are not in one of the high demand brackets that we will submit you 40+ times before you are asked to audition. It is very much a ‘numbers game’. For clients who have a strong CV, some are in constant work, which means missing school and often being away from home - something to think about. 


What happens if I miss an audition? 

Please note that if you miss or decline 3 auditions because of external and undeclared conflicts without valid reason, you may risk losing representation. 



We do not charge any fees to be on the books, or for annual agency days and client workshops.  We make our money from commission on work booked. This is why we need you to be available - we don’t duplicate client ‘types’ and if you are our only blonde 7 year old girl, we wont be able to substitute you for someone else if you are called to audition. When you do work, commission is between 10% and 15% depending on the fees being paid. 


How do I find out about additional training? 

We are committed to ensuring our clients’ skills are developed, so we have various options available for training opportunities in acting, dancing and singing. Please feel free to enquire directly to us or follow Artemis Agency on social media. 


If you have any other questions you are more than welcome get in touch with us, we are all very friendly!